Friday, December 9, 2011


Hey Everyone!

It's getting surreal that time is creeping up on me so fast. I'm getting nervous and all that fun stuff just thinking about it. Super weird! It gets me a little sad to think of the fact that it will all be over soon. Of course I miss you all dearly, but it will be very hard to leave this place. I'm already experiencing the confusing feelings. I will be forever grateful for the experiences and the knowledge/lessons that i've learned here. (I've seen missionaries that are anxious to leave, as this mission can wear you down at times, in the beginning, I thought that I would be glad to get out when my time came, but I have grown to love this people and feel for them, the light of Christ is real and the Book of Mormon is true and together they can truly touch lives and encourage the hopeless to look up...pretty amazing!!)

Anyway for this week... It was pretty good. We started off the week by helping a member find out where the leak was in her septic tank, haha, I know pretty gross huh? I don't know how many times I gagged while digging... But in all seriousness it was fun, well, probably better to say good to do because she needed it done and it helped her and her little family. We did that, then we hurried home and got showered and got on a bus to Vilnius to spend the night. It was fun as we stayed with Elder Kezele and Elder Rich.

We stayed up chatting for a little while as it was the last time (the conference) that we'd see each other until the end of the missions. It was fun. I will really miss Elder Kezele. He's doing so well and getting into the "very very focused" mode of being a missionary. They are all well. Ha, I've been comps with them all. Again it was fun to be with them all one last time!

The next day we went to Kaunas with all the Vilnius Elders and Sisters. The Conference was fun and it was definitely weird knowing that it was my last one, and hard seeing a lot of those people for the last time. President Lawrence, of the Seventy is serving in the European East Area Prescy, in Moscow Russia, was there with his wife. His wife talked first about the gathering of Israel. Really really interesting stuff, haha, my brain was blown. Pretty cool though! Then President Lawrence talked. He's definitely a servant called of God. He has so much power in his words when he speaks. Great guy. The conference was a very special one and had a lot of good teachings. As the conference wound down I was able to share my "departing" testimony with all the Missionaries of Lithuanaia.... Haha needless to say I was the only one that cried out of the 4 departing missionaries here... and there even were 2 sisters there... Oh well haha. Afterwards we took a picture and President Lawrence asked to have interviews with a few of the missionaries, and then he said my name. I was a little nervous at first, but got in there and it went really well. He's a great guy and very loving. It was a very special interview for me. He sat there with me for about 5 seconds and just stared into my soul, I could feel it. Then he smiled and said "Elder Manning I had a feeling to talk to you today during the meeting... The Lord wants me to tell you how grateful He is for your service and for the legacy that you are leaving here. You've served Him well." I broke down crying... (I can't explain how special that was for me to hear. I have wanted to know if my efforts have been accepted as my time comes to an end). When everything was over, we headed back to Siauliai and got in around 9:30 that night.

The rest of the week was pretty normal. English went well on Saturday. Our investigator, Romas is doing well! He accepted the Law of Tithing like a champ! Haha and in church he was hillarious. We were talking about "the Book of life" that we are to be judged out of, and how a lot of what people do in the church is written down. So he turned to me and said it sounded a lot like the KGB (if you don't know what that is, I'll tell you in a couple of weeks. Pretty crazy.) He had a good time. He's great! We have become close friends. I wish I could see him get baptized but in all fairness to him, I don't feel that he is completely ready and I would rather make sure than to do it too soon. As he will be a great strength to the branch in Siauliai.

Well that is about it for the week it flew by! Time is very weird! Well I love you all! Until next week!

With Much Much Love,

Elder Jeffrey John Manning

PS Awesome about the AGGIES!!!!

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