Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy December (almost)

Hey Everyone!

Time is flying by! When I woke up this morning I couldn't believe that it was time to email again! Things went well this week and a lot of the usual missionary things happened this week. So I'll just throw in some of the highlights of the week.

I was able to call to Salt Lake this week to order Hymn books for our branch here. The branch president just asked me to do that so that was pretty fun. Haha When the lady answered and I said "hello this is Elder Manning from Lithuania". She was super confused. So I was put on hold for a little bit then she got back on and I tried to place an order, but the product was put on hold (availability??) for some reason. So I wasn't able to order them. Haha at the end of the phone call I told her to have a good night as it was 8:00 p.m. here, but that means it was only around 11ish (a.m.) there haha oops. It was fun though, to talk with someone in America :).

We had a fun Thanksgiving day party at the church. One of the members killed their turkey and we had it as our bird to eat! It was fun even though I didn't have any as I wanted the members to have some before I did, and by that time the turkey ran out. Oh well haha so for my Thanksgiving dinner I had a pack of macaroni and cheese from my package from home haha thank you America for Mac n' Cheese!!! Thanks again for the package! It was a great activity as we had Romas there and also Raimonda. It was really fun. I spent most of the time talking with Romas. We talked a lot about basketball. He loves basketball and played on a team here for a little while. He asked me to play with him sometime and wants to do a "Lithuania vs. America game" haha. So we talked about the basketball league here in Lithuania and also about the NBA being in lockout. We then talked about skiing and how he loves to go to the alps and also how he wants to go to "Aspenas" Aspen, CO. ha then we talked about how he loves movies with Jack Nicholson in it and also with Burt Reynolds. He loves the movie "The Longest Yard". It was a really fun convo with him. By the time it was over, an hour had past and it was time to go for the night. He's a way cool guy. As far as his baptismal date being moved up.. I don't think that it will necessarily happen as it would be rushing him too much. We still have things to teach and to review, but it will be up to him. We still need to ask him about Pres Boswell's request to move it up so I can witness it before I leave and get his take on it. So we'll still see about that. Either way I feel he will be baptized and be a strength to this branch in Siauliai.

Hmmm those are the big things that stick out this past week... So this upcoming week will be great as we have a General Authority coming to our Zone Conference, Elder Lawrence. Technically he's President Lawrence as he's in the Europe east presidency. He lives in Moscow. It should be really fun and I'm excited to see him and possibly talk with him a little bit. That will be on Wednesday and we'll travel to Kaunas for that. Tomorrow ,Tuesday, we have service to do for a member. Her sewage line broke ha (emoticon-fun face huh hahahaha) ... I should have used these more throughout the mission eh?! ha ha. Anyway, that will be interesting as we've been getting lots of rain and then it freezes on the ground. Oh yeah I've forgot to mention that we still don't have snow, but it is freezing cold for me still ha. The winds and high humidity rattle my bones still.

Things are going well still. I love you all and consider myself so blessed for having a family like you to support me!!! I love you guys! Until next week!

Su Meile, Elder Jeffrey John Manning

****Attached is a picture of Elder Brock Mays, a new Elder that arrived last transfer to serve with Elder Whicker in Klaepida. He will be an awesome missionary. His parents (Homer and Bonnie Mays) went to school with Dad at Sky View back before calculators were invented. haha

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