Monday, September 19, 2011


Elder Warner, Elder Manning, Elder Falk

Hey Everyone!

Well another week has come and past and I'm now sitting in Kaunas; above a coffee shop emailing. It's been a good past couple of days here back in the old stopping grounds.

So we'll start off with Monday. We recieved transfer calls and we called them out. We then had family home evening with the youth in center. It was fun to be with them and we played Uno afterwards. Good times!

Tuesday we had our last District Meeting all together and it was a really fun meeting. We visited a couple of members that day and also met with our investigator for the last time before I left.

Wednesday was about the same with out district meeting. Elder Whicker was with us for most of the day as Elder Kezele was picked up by the Siauliai Elders as they were already in Vilnius that day for visa work. It was a fun day, but really weird as it was my last day in that place after being there for 6 months. We tried to visit Dedukas, but he is in the hospital right now... We went and visited him and the nurses were a little curious as to why we were there and asked us to leave. Audrys (his son) is a doctor there and called us later apologizing and said he talked with the nurses about the situation, and they were sorry... Oh well at least I was able to see him again. He's doing a little rough right now though. The Elders did visit him on Friday though and he asked where I was. I love that man! Anyway ha we finished off the night with Erik (Brasilian soccer player) and then got McDonald's and came in a little early so I could finish packing. It's crazy how much stuff you accumulate while out here. A lot of hand me down stuff and little things you buy, and I guess it doesn't help when you have to pack a big coat in there... Anyway, pretty crazy haha.

Thursday came and I got on a bus to go to Kaunas. Pretty nuts driving out of the city a lot of memories flooded my mind. It was good being in Vilnius. I learned a lot there. So we got into Kaunas and that afternoon we were able to go and visit Mykolas!!! It was great haha He remembered me which I was grateful for... We had the classic meat and potatoes meal and he told us more about the Russian side of the war as he was a Sergeant in it. Pretty cool stories. Also asked him how he met his wife. Also a very great humorous story as he said "I saw her, Kissed her, and that was it haha" STUD! That was great. Later that night we did service at the Church and I saw a lot of the members there as well. After the service this kid was following us onto the bus and being way vulgar and loud. He said I've tried to get that book, but you have never talked to me. So I quickly handed the book to him. He went quiet and asked if I was serious. haha We sent up a meeting for the next day. He didn't show up, but he at least has the book now... Good experience I guess.

Friday was pretty normal as was Saturday. We just walked around trying to find people to teach. It was pretty warm out, and we were able to find one guy, but that was early in the morning on Friday. It was a slower weekend...

Sunday was really fun seeing all of the members again. Not much has changed at all... A couple have left which is sad, but for the most part it is the same. That night after we got home and broke our fast; Erik (soccer player) called and asked how I was doing. He said he will call me each week to see how I am and to keep in touch ha. I thought that was really cool and nice of him to do. So it will be fun to keep in touch with him!

Well that is about it for the week! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

with lots of love,
Elder Jeffrey John Manning

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