Monday, July 18, 2011

JULY 2011

Hey Guys!
It's been a pretty good week. Lots of travel it seems... We traveled up to Riga (Latvia) Tuesday morning and then had ZL council till about 5pm then got on a bus and came back home. First, on the bus up there we had some people on the bus with turbins on their head and at every place where they checked for passports, which was 3 times, they would take them off and question them... Pretty messed up. They always are way nice, usually, to us when we pull out our USA passports. I guess it's good being from America :). Then on the way back this drunk guy was hasseling this poor girl on the bus, but then the attendant came and kicked him off. It was good. I felt way bad for the girl as we aren't allowed to get involved. The guy definitely needed to be kicked off. Then after getting home from the trip we were walking to a bus stop to hop on a bus to get home, and this huge fight broke out right in front of the train and bus stations. So we just walked around it... Pretty intense haha! Way eventful day. Don't worry mom we weren't in harms way!
The rest of the week went normal from there until Friday... Elder Okoren (an assistant) came down and we had an exchange.. Then we had the BAPTISM!!! It was awesome! It all went through really well. Everything pulled through. It was very special to see it! She's awesome and very prepared to follow Jesus Christ! Afterwards she was saying how nice she felt and that all of the past things were gone. It was really a great experience. She is a great example!
Saturday we had Rumsiskes. It's where all of the branches from Lithuania get together and celebrate the church in Lithuania.
It was super fun and great to see all the members there! They gave us lithuanian hats and ties haha. They were way cool and they actually let us keep the ties. They're sweet. I'll send pictures for sure! All of the mission presidency came down. Really fun with everyone there!
Church went really well and it was great to see Rita receive the Holy Ghost. She also said afterward, that she had never felt a feeling like that. Pres. Boswell (our new Pres.) was at church and we had interviews with him. He's really a likeable guy. Really easy to get a long with. It was fun being with them and seeing them there. Church went well and it was definitely highlighted by Rita's confirmation. We came back home and ate then went and planned a segment of teaching we have to teach at the leadership meeting this week in Riga.

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