Wednesday, June 15, 2011

JUNE 2011

Hey Family!
Well I hope everything this week went splendid for you all... Mine was pretty good and seemed to go fast, especially with preparation day on Tuesday last week. It was kind of full with some stuff, but it wasn't really the most packed week.
I wanted to add some thoughts from the mission conference that I don't think I added... President Clayton said that the work we are doing here is only the beginning and that we won't be able to believe the effect the gospel will have on this part of the world in the near future. It is a little bit hard to see that now, but I know that miracles are happening now... Also I really loved how he said we need to leave every single person we talk to here with the sweetest taste of the gospel we can, and that they would never forget their time in talking with us. And also that in the future many of whom rejected us will except the message because of our actions after the rejection. I thought that was really nice to hear! More about the week...

So after preparation day on Tuesday we went contacting and I contacted a younger kid smoking by the movie theatre. Surprisingly he was will to talk and to hear what we had to say for about 15 mins. He was a really cool kid and it was a good mini-lesson. I thought it was pretty sad; he was 16 years old and said he was trying to stop smoking and drinking as it had become an addiction for him earlier on in his life. Felt really bad for him.
The next day we had District Meeting and I went on exchanges with Elder Kezele afterwards. It was good to get to know him better and he loves college football so I had to hurry and get filled in on the last season haha oops. He'll be an Aggie in the future as well. It was a good time with him and we got a long really well. The next day we switched back companions and then Elder Whicker and I went to the immigration place to re-register our living permits here.
Later that night we met with a member who is 50 yrs old and ripped as ripped ha. He opens the door with his shirt off haha. He's way awesome and were pretty sure he was in a mafia before he joined the church. He went on to tell us stories of his youth and some of the fights he'd been in and how he runs about 2 miles everyday with weights around his ankle ha. He's a beast... Anyway, that was really fun!
Hmmm lets see what else... Oh in church yesterday "Dedukas" was on one haha. The little old man was showing off his German with us and then he stood up and showed up how the soldiers in Japan would fight against Russia. I about died of laughter hahaha. I love that old little old man!!!
Well that's about it for the week. This Saturday will be our final Zone Conference and interviews with the Dances. It will be pretty sad I bet, but I think/hope I'll see him again at a zone council before he leaves.
Well that is the week. I love you guys! I'm so grateful for everything that you do for me while I'm out here! And also for everything you did before! YOU GUYS ARE AN AWESOME FAMILY! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Elder Jeffrey John Manning

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