Monday, September 19, 2011


Us with Povilas after helping him.

Lithuanias National team shoes for basketball (he has a MAJOR shoe fettish)

A group of lithuanians singing

me and elder leishman

Sveiki Visiems iš Šiaulių

Well hey there everyone!

So transfers came and went.... I'm now sitting here in Šiauliai with Elders Kezele and Sanford. I'll be here in a 3-some this transfer (new Elders come in next transfer, my last...crazy huh?). Pretty crazy when I received that information as I thought for sure that I would most likely be going back to Vilnius. So it was really really crazy finding that out, as I thought I wouldn't ever make it to the city of Siauliai. I was a little disappointed leaving Kaunas again, but what can ya do about it?.. I'm excited to be with the Elders that i'm with as they really like to work and they are fun to be around....

It was a little tough leaving Kaunas as I had my last lunch with Mykolas (sure love that guy) and said goodbye to the members there. I left without telling a lot of members as it wasn't too big of a deal because I just got back there and started re-newing the relationships with them haha now I'm gone again. I will see them though another time in November, so it's not as bad as it could be... It was weird leaving though.
The B-ball "championship rounds" just got to Kaunas and the finished yesterday. Spain won it all against France. I guess the Gasol Brothers kind of ran the show. Lithuania lost early so it kind of took a lot of the fun atmosphere away, but it was still exciting while there.

So a little about Siauliai. It is in the North Central area of Lithuania and it's the smallest city open to missionary work in Lithuania right now. There are only about 20 members that actively come to church and they meet in some rented out apartments on the bottom floor of a communal living place, by the jail and also, by the Jehovah's witness' "kingdom hall"... And Siauliai is the main city for the jw's in the eastern Europe area... Pretty interesting as this city is still dominated by a lot of Catholic cathedrals, but also there is a little more variety here. So as you are walking to the church you have the JW's kingdom hall, the jail, then our little church in the communal living apartment building. The members here are really friendly and the branch here relies a lot on the missionaries as there aren't really that many here. This city has been opened for about 9 years to missionaries. So the church is fairly new here, but the people of Siauliai seem to be a lot friendlier then in some of the bigger cities haha so that's pretty nice.

We have a really cool lady here that we are meeting with. I've only met with her once while I've been here, but she came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it. Oh yeah and church here is only for two hours. We have also met with a couple of members here and they are all way nice and love the fact that I'm tall and played basketball haha I guess that's a plus...

I'll probably write a little more next week as I'm getting used to the city and the members, people, and area... It will be a little different here, but should be a fun place to serve. We teach a good amount here so it's good to stay busy. Elders Kezele and Sanford are also fun to be with. Elder Sanford just got made a DL for the first time so I guess I'll help there as needed, but so far he's doing well and so I'll probably just get to sit back. It will be a good change. It will be nice to get to know the people here better as well.

I'm about to finish the Bible and The D&C... It has been really fun to read those and to learn a lot of cool new little tid-bits from it! I have really enjoyed the opportunity to study the scriptures here and to see how they apply to us all. It's very simple... When we keep the commandments, heed the prophet's words, do what we're told from leaders... We are always happy and God blesses us in one way or another. As simple as it is I just didn't really put it together that well before being here in Lithuania. So I'm very grateful for that. I'm also very grateful for you guys, my family, back at home! Family means so much more now as I've been away from you all... I loved you all a ton before, but it has definitely grown and I've come to realize that family is that consistency that is always there for people. Well I think that is about it for the week! Till next time!!! I love you ALL! Have a great week!

Elder Jeffrey John Manning

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