Saturday, December 18, 2010

September 2010

Hey to All!

The month started out good until the first Saturday evening when I called the missionaries in my district to get an investigator head count for church attendance the next day, to share with the Branch President. I found out in one of the calls to the sister missionaries that one of the very, very strong sister members here has asked to have her name removed from the church records. Now that was a shock and really, just a slap to the face. It really hurt inside. She did come to church and seemed sad and confused. She said she wants to be Muslim. Anyways she met with the branch president and she said she just doesn't know about Jesus Christ anymore and about Joseph Smith either. It's just really no fun to watch that happen. She took another sister with her. Also in the same branch council meeting on Sunday morning I found out that one of the less-actives brethren that we were trying to get a hold of for about a month hadn't been answering because he had passed away in his apartment. So that was shocking. Then another member, just admitted herself into a psychiatric ward here in Kaunas. So, there is just a ton of stuff going on here in Kaunas right now. Anyways as hard as it started out it still was a decent month overall. The Spirit makes such a difference in our lives. We’ve had a good turn out of investigators and quite a few members show up as well. Anyways on a lighter note ha! The other day, we taught a guy from Portugal and he went from not believing in God to agreeing to say a prayer and that night he prayed for his friend that had just died. I just love how that change seems to happen when they feel the Spirit. Also we found a guy the other week and he seemed to do way well with what we taught him, but then we saw him this week in a Friars outfit just strolling down Laisves (the avenues). Pretty funny seeing that, but he did take the Book of Mormon so maybe he'll read it. We are almost always able to teach people after our English classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and they are usually willing to listen to our message but that’s about it.

We went to the ‘nunnery’ (convent) here in Kaunas as a district on a P-Day, it was really interesting seeing what they have to do to become nuns. It all seems so strange. They have a "sin room" where they daily repent. It really is just a heavy feeling in there. They worship Mary so much and seldom speak of Christ. I try to see where they're coming from, but I know that they don’t have the fullness of the Gospel. The nuns are very kind to us and always tell us how good examples we are to the youth and that they are grateful we are here. The weather here is changing fast and we're whipping out our winter jackets now and wearing scarfs daily. Not cold enough for the “newsies” hats yet. Church was freezing yesterday though! haha I told the members I was freezing and they just smiled and told me it (winter) hadn’t even begun yet.. So that will be interesting to have that roll around and see what "cold" really is haha. The fall colors here are pretty and it's fun to see the beauty as we walk around in the parks. When I got back in town last Wednesday from splits, I found out that the sisters in my district had gotten lice from an investigator that they have been teaching recently haha. That was pretty nutso as they called asking me what to do. I just told them to get a hold of Sister Dance. (Pres. Wife) Needless to say the lice are dead and they are helping the girl who gave it to them take care of the problem. There’s a moral to the story, When we think we feel the Spirit with a tingling in our hair, make sure it’s the Spirit and not lice. Haha

We get to watch General Conference this coming Wednesday (the 6th) as they had to record and translate each session. We’re all so excited to hear the Prophet and Apostles that we are out here testifying about. I would just like to let you all know how much I am appreciative of the Gospel. I love how personal it is and how at the same time it involves the best thing in the world, FAMILIES. I love the power of the atonement and everything that it's done in my life and everything that it can do for others. I know that it has the power to satisfy the demands of justice and make us clean. I love you guys, I’m so very grateful to be out serving with you all on the Lord’s Team. Have a great month :)

Elder Jeffrey John Manning

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