Saturday, December 18, 2010

August 2010

Greetings from “Kauntown” (Kaunas, Lithuania)

Well, another month comes to a close. It was rough sending my comp., Elder Hatch home to start school and baseball at UVU last week. He was really fun to be with and a hard worker. Time just flew with him for sure! He taught me so much. I’m in another threesome for this week that will be broken up on Thursday with transfers. Another Elder, Elder Porter, from our threesome will be going home this week leaving his companion Elder Sanford and I waiting to see where we're going to be assigned on Tuesday or Wednesday. I really think I'll stay here, but I’m not really sure how it will all work out so I'll just be ready for whatever happens. Teaching actual discussions is still a rarity. We run into atheists and those that question Christianity daily. We found a guy; Karolis, that my first companion; Elder Gearhart and I had been working with when we were together back in the beginning of my mission. He kind of disappeared, so while I was looking through an old planner, I all of a sudden remembered him and gave him a call, he's meeting with us and drinking in what we are teaching him. He wants to get baptized, but smokes, drinks and lives with a woman. He says he wants to change and that he can and will! But he will just need time to do it. He seems so much happier than when we first met with him back then. He's a great guy and really wants to change so I hope that everything will work out for him! Also some fun or just random stuff that happened these last couple of weeks:

1. While walking through a forest on our way to a member’s house, we were attacked by frogs. They were everywhere. We ran about as hard as we were screaming and laughing.

2. A drunk guy came up to us and asked if we were American and when we said yes. He then started to sing "AMERICA, AMERICA WE SING THY PRAISE TO THEE" haha it was in his opera voice, right in my face and I just busted out laughing and told him it was the prettiest thing I've heard since being here hah. He then stumbled away. haha.

3. On our way back from teaching two discussions one evening, we got the bus driver to think that we were the ‘bus patrol people’ from headquarters, he was ready to hand me his little bus driver license and clip board. We all had a good laugh including him, we then road the bus to McDonalds to get McFlurries. As we walked in, we came across a catholic priest who was just staring and ‘shooting daggers’ at us the whole time. It was pretty fun just watching and listening to him as he and the others talked about us. (I think we could have taken them).Haha.

4. Some pretty crazy weather is going on over here as they say it's never really been this hot for this long in the past, and that the drunks are trying to stay cool and are getting in the river and drowning. Pretty crazy! I’m used to seeing them always passed out everywhere, but I really just hope that I don't see one floating down the river!

5. The highlight of the month was that we had the privilege to watch the Kiev/Kyiv temple dedication this last Sunday. It was very special. We got to watch the first session in English. It was great to hear Pres. Monson and the others. We watched three dedications on the day and so that was nice.

Everyday is an adventure and as hard as it is at times, I have come to love the people of Lithuania, especially the members. They are so strong. I feel more and more comfortable with the languages which make a big difference in each day. My testimony continues to grow and I understand better what it means to Trust in the Lord and live by faith. We can’t do it alone. I hope all is going well for each of you and that your health is good! I love you guys. The Work is True!

-Elder Manning

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