Monday, March 7, 2011

The first Baptism

Well First thing first! Dedukas got baptized this Saturday :)! It went well and everything ran smoothly. It was a great spiritual experience and it was great that we were able to get him baptized! (the missionaries aren't allowed to baptize the converts, just the members of the branch) The confirmation on Sunday was great as well, and the spirit was awesome. The cute little old man was just so happy and he couldn't help from being a little broken up! It was a very very special experience. He asked me when we would be visiting him next. He wants us to keep coming over regularly which is great, although we wont be able to everyday like he would like. He also asked me if i was going to leave the city soon and then quickly said "I hope not. We just barely met, you coming to my home helped me decide to join the church" hahaha He's a cute old guy. But probably the best thing he said was that he would never forget me and also that we would always be friends :)! What a great little man!!!!

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