Thursday, December 16, 2010

April 2010

Greetings from the Baltic's!!!!!

Well another week has come and gone! I got my haircut today. Transfers are this Tuesday (tomorrow). I'm hoping Elder Gearhart and I can stay together, but I guess whatever happens is supposed to, right? I guess you'll know next week if I'm still in Kaunas or somewhere else. Rumor has it that President Dance is looking at pulling new elders to start learning Russian. (I guess it's starting to happen) I'm hoping that it won't be me haha!

It was a better week overall and we had a couple of crazy things happen (but that's always expected) haha. We have a baptismal date set for a 20ish year old college student named Daruis. He's a great guy and plays basketball for the college. We're hoping to get him to church these next 3 weeks and get him off the green and black tea. He's made some great progress and is really willing to do what we ask. I hope ad pray that it won't fall through haha. The date is for May 21st. We went on two exchanges this week and it was pretty fun, one with and Elder from my group in the MTC. While 'harvesting the domes', a guy invited us in and told us about the human anatomy. Didn't understand much, but got the jist of it. Haha (it was a good learning experience for us).

The second exchange was with his companion. We were having a pretty normal day until we ran into another drunk guy. (everyone drinks and smokes over here, even little kids) This one was actually a little hilarious!!! We told him that God wanted him to stop drinking and he started pouting like a little kid. He really wanted a Book of Mormon and we told him if he'd come to church we'd give him one. So, in the closing prayer we asked that he's please come to church and just then, in the middle of the prayer, he asked in his drunken voice. "Well, what time's church?" haha, Ok, maybe it's not too funny for you guys, but I was almost on the ground laughing in the middle of the prayer haha! We have about 50 active members in the Kaunas branch; mostly older people, 60-70 yrs old. A few younger family couples and a handful of youth. They are very special people. People are getting a little nicer as the weather improves and the sun starts to shine. It seems to rain everyday. We've been caught in a number of cloud bursts. The volcanic ash from Iceland covers the sky and we haven't received any regular mail for a long time. We're still getting kicked out of 'domes' (apartments) while 'harvesting' by angry men, and we are grateful to be able to teach a discussion a week, but what to do? The work is hard but very rewarding at times. I'm beginning to love the people and culture of Lithuania. I miss you all and am grateful for all that you have done for me.

Elder Manning
Kaunas, Lithuania

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