Saturday, December 18, 2010

June 2010

Well we went contacting and got caught in a down pour after we got kicked out of a dome. We were then just stuck in about 4 inches of rain on the ground and with a bunch of hail and rain just pelting us. I've really had never seen anything like it! We were all just soaked and we may not have been wetter just jumping into a pool haha it was kinda fun though I guess… We were able teach quite a few lessons, but the disappointing kicker is that Darius didn't get baptized. He just needs more time he says and will be going to Turkey for a couple of months and then returning. It was really hard when he said he wasn't all the way ready yet, but you have to respect his decision and if he's not ready then he's just not ready. He's a great guy and he said he would love to be able to keep in touch while he is gone to Turkey. Oh kind of on a cool note we met a kid from
Russia who was here for a poker tourney and said he wasn’t interested in our message, but that he wanted to show us some magic tricks. He had some amazing tricks and they were just mind boggling, but way cool haha I checked my wallet after he was done haha I was scared that he just somehow magically jacked some money :) haha

Well I’m in the city of Vilnuis now with my new companion, Elder Warner. He's a great guy and has been out for 4 transfers and put that together with my 2 and we're just a couple of newby's hah.. I have a new address which i will get to ya at the end of the email. Things are going well and we are able to teach some lessons, this city is just so much more different then the city of Kaunas. Things are super weird especially in a new city and just a lot of new things with us two not being that experienced. We have the area of Vilnius center so we get all of the big down town area. It's kind of just hard right now as it’s really humid and hot. The days seem a little longer and not as enjoyable when it's 30c with humidity involved ha.. I guess I can’t complain while I’m not in a hot country or anything like that haha but still it’s rough and the days just aren’t that fun with it being hot out ha.

So let’s see, we’ve been talking with people every day, basically all day and just no success at all. I don't know what was happening ha we only taught one new lesson and that's when I wasn't even with my comp. (exchanges). We're working hard it seems and just nothing is really coming from it. Oh well what to do. We were asked to go out to the psych ward in the middle of nowhere and teach a guy who had I guess just been off the rocker... I felt as if I were in the movie "Strange Brew". ha ha "beauty eh". It was interesting as they thought we were trying to knock the doors of the loonies at first..

It's been raining a ton and I don’t know if it will ever stop ha, the skies show no sign of it slowing down. Also my umbrella broke ha ha.. It is just really, really bright here at nights when it isn't raining or isn't cloudy. It's still a little light outside around 11:30ish pm. It's way nuts, but I guess I've gotten kind of use to it now.

There was a huge Lithuanian holiday. They all went out to there villages and country side places for about 3-4 days. So the only people in the inner city were basically tourists which there were a lot. I've ran into probably 10 or so people from the USA and that's always way nice! They know who we are and it's just fun to talk to them about normal things for however long that maybe haha.

One of our new 3 lessons was with a guy from Azerbajin?.. Anyways his native language is Persian and he spoke english well enough to converse and he was really interested in our message as he says he is really trying to find God. We talked with him and met with him again on Saturday (haha another one of our 3 lessons so two with him ha). By some chance we had a Persian BOM there just waiting for him. It was way cool seeing how someone from the past group of missionaries here must of ordered it with some other random languages. It was great and he was really excited! However he said he wanted to read it then he would call us ha.. So I'm trying to stay optimistic, but when people say that it's just usually never led to anything.
Also we were on a bus going to go knocking and this drunk guy was harassing us and just being annoying and he finally left and this catholic nun teacher type person came up to us after and said she prayed that he would get off of the bus next stop and he did haha she then said that God had answered her prayers and had truly helped us. She then thanked us on being good examples to the younger men of Lithuania. It was way nice of her.
I'm really kinda depressed about the 4th of July and missing the swim party and wh
at not. Really missing that and setting up the fireworks more than I thought I would. It's hard, but I guess it will just come and go. I really wish the work would pick up and that things would be going better, but that's not in my power!

Hope all is well! I love you

Elder Jeffrey John Manning

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